If you use the ATM card, then you must also know about the atm card secret. Do you know why the ATM card credit card (atm card/debit card/credit card) is only 16 numbers? What do 16 digits of an ATM card mean? Whether shopping online or registering for any important exam. ATM cards, debit cards, and credit cards are used everywhere.

atm card secret - what is the secret of 16 digit atm card number

The Secret of 16 Digit The ATM Card Number

In this era of Digital India, the ATM card is a name that everyone uses. Your debit card and a credit card are used to suit your convenience. In any kind of emergency, you can withdraw money anywhere, anytime. After this facility, people have got rid of the problem of standing in long lines in banks. But one thing to note is that a 16-digit number is written on your ATM, credit card. Do you know why it is written about it? And what does it relate to the card?

 So let us tell you today what is the meaning of these numbers written on your credit and ATM debit card? Often people understand that this number is for issuing the card. This number written on the card tells a lot which is very easy to understand.

 Means of the first digit-

 The first digit of an ATM card means that the card has been issued. This number is called the Major Industry Identifier. This number is different for every industry. You can easily find out from which bank the card is by looking at the first digit.

6 starting digits

If you look carefully at the 6 digits after leaving the first digit given on the card, you can know about the company that issued the card. This is called the issue identification number.

Later digits mean-

Subsequent 9 digits - The last 9 digits written on the card are linked to your account and are not completely bank account numbers. Nor are there any part of the bank account number, but are linked to a bank account.

Last digit-

The last number of any credit card or debit card is known as a check digit, this shows whether the card is valid or not. Where - Where is this 16 digit number - This is a very convenient service. You can pay with that card using these numbers. If you have a debit card, then you have to use the PIN number with it, and if you have installed two-step security, then a one-time password has to be sent to the phone number. On the other hand, if you have credit cards, then you also have to enter the three-digit CVV number written on the back of your card. Apart from this, you also have to provide a secure password or a one-time password sent to the phone, only then you can pay.