Nowadays, the time of digital India is money has changed from plastic money to digital money. Now money has started to be transacted through a smartphone. In which the money instantly reaches from one account to another. Apart from this, payment for online shopping is also being done online. All online shopping markets including Amazon, Flipkart, shopclues, snapdeal, ebay give their customers the option of paying through cash on delivery and internet banking, 

Keep these precautions in the online money transaction, otherwise, you will be robbed

ऑनलाइन पैसों के लेन देन में रखें ये सावधानी, वरना लुट जाएँगे आप.web security tips in hindi

But do you know that your account can be completely emptied due to your slightest mistake? It is good to understand cybersecurity rules and conduct online transactions. Let us know about the precautions while conducting online transactions -

Create Your Banking Password Complex

The first thing that is useful to avoid any wrong online look is your password. Our password should be such that it is impossible to understand. Do not think of it as a mere formality. Many partners 123456, test123456, Jai Mata Di. Om Namah Shivaya, I love you, your mobile number, or your name, name of any of your family, etc. keep the password, which is wrong for security. Whenever you think about online security, know that your password is your first shield. While choosing the password, use the above case and lower case characters together and in addition to them add special character

USE HTTPS - Understand website encryption Banking in https only websites

ऑनलाइन पैसों के लेन देन में रखें ये सावधानी, वरना लुट जाएँगे आप.web security tips in hindi


While taking any transaction-related service, please note that the website is using HTTP connection (https). To check this, you look in the address bar, HTTP means that the data you write is encrypted when it reaches the service so that no hacker can read it in the middle of the network. Could.

 Never do banking work with free wifi or public wifi

Yes, do not use free public WiFi, especially when you are doing banking related transactions, because it may not be right for network security. Keep in mind that free Wi-Fi at airports, coffee shops or hotels, etc. are not secure and one can easily collect your information.

Avoid fishing -

what is fishing? 

ऑनलाइन पैसों के लेन देन में रखें ये सावधानी, वरना लुट जाएँगे आप


Phishing means that the website you are using is the wrong website or it is not the website you want to use, but it looks exactly the same way in which you can enter your details and later the wrong people You can use it. It has been seen that we click on the links in most of the emails and after that, we fall prey to it.

Please, even if you receive a bank email and are asked to log in, then open the website directly from the URL instead of clicking a link in the email and take special care that the bank or any bank official Never ask for any kind of password from you.

Banking with a confidential password and email

Often the email ID we use on the social web is known to everyone and we use the same email and password in banking which is wrong. You need to use a different confidential email and password in banking, by doing this you are one step more secure yourself.

Keep up to date your operating system

It is very important to keep the operating system and anti-virus updated. Whenever there is an update, we close it or click the option to do it later, which is completely wrong. Anytime an update is received, it is very possible that there is a patch to crack any security in it, so update it immediately. Also, always keep the firewall on.

Keep changing passwords 

Do make a habit of changing the password at regular intervals. In online security this is as important as keeping a good password, changing the password every 2 - 3 months can be a good example. Nowadays banks send a one-time password (OTP) to your mobile before making any transaction, make sure to use this facility.
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